About Services

Let’s take a closer look at how hypnotherapy can help you.


Emotional Regulation

This is for general anxieties about casual life events (tests, dates, meetings, etc.), fears and phobias, trauma responses, anger management, and more.

Motivation / Goals

This is for entrepreneurs growing a business, students preparing for tests or completing projects, and anyone with daily responsibilities (parents, employees, community leaders, etc.)

Habit Control / Weight Loss

This is for nail biting, smoking, other addictions in tandem with addiction programs, overeating, procrastination, sleep schedule, etc.

Spiritual Hypnosis

This is for Past Life Regression, as well as spiritual strengthening.

It all comes together

A typical hypnotherapy session may use one or more of the tools listed above, as well as non-hypnotic therapy techniques during the cognitive portion. With the in-depth understanding of your goals, and the tried and true techniques of hypnotherapy, the plan we create and implement together breaks records and defies beliefs. Heard about a technique not discussed here? Make a request! I don’t just give suggestions; I take them.

Ready to change your life?